Indiana Healthcare Professionals - Certified Nurse Aide & Qualfied Medication Aide Training Center
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q.What does a CNA do and how much do they make?
A. Certified Nurse Aides typically work in; nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, Hospice, home health, or private duty. Pay rates range from $9 to $14 dollars per hour. The role of the CNA is to provide for the daily care, comfort, safety and health needs of the residents. The CNA's work activities include the following;
Q. What is included with my tuition?
A. The tuition of $700.00 includes; Textbook, Workbook, state testing fee of $70.00, Indiana State Police criminal check and we take care of all the paperwork.There is a $200 non refundable deposit that is taken off this fee. 
 Q.Are there any additional expenses?
A.Other Expenses; Physical ,  Uniform (royal blue scrubs)  Watch with a second hand (to take vital signs) approx.
Q.Do you offer Tuition assistance or pell grants?
A. We do not offer pell grants but as of OCTOBER 1 2010 we OFFER GUARANTEED FINANCING FOR ALL STUDENTS CNA OR QMA!!! . Call for more info 
 Q.Will my first employer reimburse me the cost of my CNA course tuition?
 A. Yes all Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facilities do reimburse you for your training.
Federal Register/Vol.56, No.187/ Thursday, September 26,1991 / Rules and Regulations
Section 483.154, Subsection (C)(3)
"If an individual who is not employed, or does not have an offer to be employed as a nurse aide becomes employed by or receives an offer of employment from a facility not later than 12 months after completing a nurse aide competency evaluation program, the State must provide for the reimbursement of costs incurred in completing the program on a pro rata basis during the period in which the individual is employed as a nurse aide."
Q.I see some nursing homes state they offer it for free?
A. Training is never free.They let you take the training and you have to work for them for 6 to 8 months before you can test and be certified. With us you get certified quickly and you leave us and make full pay, plus get a reimbursement for your training from your employer. 
Q. Do you place me into a job?
A. No, we do offer job placement assistance, we will give you a listing of screened facilities upon graduation and we may also provide references to employers.
Q. What do I need to bring to class and when do I have to be in uniform?
A. For class you will need a notebook, pens/pencils, and highlighter. You need to start wearing your uniform the second week.
Q. Will I have to take a drug test?
A. Yes if you are unable to pass a drug test you will be terminated from the school and will NOT receive a refund.
Q. What if I have a criminal record?
A. If you have a criminal record you need to be up front and honest with us, if not you can be dismissed from the class without a reimbursement. 
Q. If I take the class here can I still get credit at Ivy Tech for the Course if enrolled in the nursing program?
A. Yes you can use this as a credit toward your nursing degree.
Q. Why take the class with Indiana Healthcare Professionals vs Ivy Tech?
At Indiana Healthcare Professionals you get small class size and more one on one attention to detail.  More hands on training with a Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse.  We are a small business and your success is our success.  YOU ARE MORE THAN A NUMBER YOU ARE OUR FUTURE!!!
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